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Merchant RMS is more than just a POS system.  While offering a feature rich POS environment, its store level management capabilities provide your front line people with the tools they need to be successful.





  • Touch screen, keyboard, or mouse input
  • User defined hardware configuration
  • Stand alone capability with automated recovery
  • Full training mode without affecting live data
  • Multilingual screens by location and or user
  • User configurable receipt layouts
  • Electronic journal with reprint capability
  • Integrated debit/credit solution (PCI compliant)

Back Office

  • User defined multiple security levels
  • Full customer purchase history, profiling, and tracking journal
  • Full analytical reporting by customer and product
  • Associate scheduling with sales, and payroll budgets
  • Chain wide inventory lookup in real time






    Merchant POS includes an intuitive and easy to use POS interface.  A consistent design ensures that your associates will become quickly proficient at recording a sale no matter how complex a transaction they are performing.  

    • View image and product notes
    • Void line item or entire sale
    • Exchanges handled within a sale
    • Discounts by item line or for a group of products
    • Line item or receipt notes
    • Multiple gift receipts
    • Real time gift card processing
    • Payments in foreign currency
    • Unlimited number of tenders per sale
    • Split commission by item or for a group of products
    • Separate “Ship To” address with appropriate taxes
    • Suspend and recall sales for a pre defined number of days
    • Attach your own store procedures manual
    • Blind drawer counts
    • Quick close out with receipt printer reports
    • No intervention required for end of day process





    The loyalty of your customers is a goal that can be achieved with the extensive customer centric tools available in Merchant RMS.  Each customers unique needs can be monitored and their wishes catered to. 

    • Customer profile with an unlimited number of user defined fields which can be tracked
    • Customer journal to track all interactions, both past issues and future appointments, with a customer
    • Extensive customer purchase analytical reporting
    • Full customer purchase history available across the chain in real time
    • Generate mailing labels based on purchase criteria
    • Control customer special discounts with mandatory key card presentation
    • Define customers into various categories and groups for future analysis
    • Put on special alerts if a customer has credit issues or needs to be informed of a special event
    • Offer A/R to expand your customer base while monitoring credit status
    • Enhance customer service by linking a sales associate with each customer
    Merchant RMS allows you to truly get a handle on your associates productivity while at the same time simplifying such tasks as setting a stores work schedule by using the quick copy feature. 
    Time & Attendance
    • Schedule associates based on productivity (avg sale/hour, UPT, etc.)
    • Use clock in/clock out function to monitor time spent on none selling activities (training, stock taking, etc.)
    • Allow the store managers to edit the payroll hours but have home office vet the results before export to a payroll system. (i.e. ADP)
    • Determine associates performance metrics (average sale, units per transaction etc.)
    • Set sales goals by week for each store
    • Set a payroll budget by week for each store


    Loss Prevention

    •  Monitor discounts, returns, and voids by associate