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Merchant Applications Inc. offers a broad range of products to help you manage operations, increase sales and reduce costs throughout your enterprise. 

Merchant RMS (Retail Management System) : A complete store management system including POS (point of sale), purchasing, inventory control, CRM (customer relationship management) and integrated communications for multi store environments. 

Merchant SWS (Secure Web Services) : An internet based system allowing retailers to share information between their stores in real time.  This allows you to have real time inquiry into your inventory levels at each location and to view your complete customer purchase history from any location.

Merchant CIF (Common Interchange Format) : A common information structure to allow back end manufacturing, merchandising or distribution systems to communicate with Merchant RMS.  This product allows you to maintain your investment in your current back end system while you reap the benefits of a truly integrated store management system.

Merchant CMS (Card Management System) : A credit and debit card system, including secure pin pads, integrated with Merchant RMS.  This product allows you to speed up your POS processing and eliminate errors in your bank authorization transactions.