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Merchant SWS is designed to provide retailers with a low cost method of sharing information between their stores over the Internet.  In addition, because the network is secure and always connected, retailers can use it for credit/debit authorization and eliminate the time required for dial up connections.

Retailer Benefits

  • Any store can see the on hand quantity at any other location
  • Gift certificates and credit notes can be validated in real time
  • Gift card balances are maintained in real time 
  • Customer’s purchase history is always available
  • Credit/debit authorization without dial up delays  

Internet Benefits 

  • No long distance telephone charges
  • Virtually unlimited number of stores can poll
  • Software updates can be downloaded from the web server
  • Support can be handled via PC Anywhere over the internet 
  • First line support receives an e-mail if problems are detected at a remote store

Overview of SWS