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Merchant Card Management System utilizes PADlinq to provide the most secure debit/credit processing available today.  Because the POS never has access to the customers card data there is virtually no chance of card data being breeched. With the fully integrated terminal transactions can be processed quickly and be error free.



PADlinq takes debit/credit processing to a new level.


When a POS application needs to get a sales amount authorized, it only has to pass the amount and a transaction ID to the PADlinq application.  PADlinq then communicates with the actual payment processing application which resides on the terminal which accepts the debit or credit card.


The payment application on the terminal then takes over the process and steps the customer through the steps required (ie swipe card, enter PIN, etc.) and then communicates with its host computer to get authorization.


Once authorized, the authorization code is passed to PADlinq and on to the POS application. 

The process of integrating PADlinq to any POS application is very quick and easy as PADlinq manages all of the complexity of the interactions with the payment processors application and hardware.  And, because the POS application is out of scope there is no need for it to be PA-DSS compliant.

Benefits for retailers

  • No chance of a card data breech as the data is only accessed by a PCI PED secure terminal
  • PCI compliance is minimal (same as with a stand alone terminal)
  • In the event of a PC failure, the terminal can still process transactions
  • Payment processors changes do not require certification
  • Hardware upgrades require no programming changes