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Enterprise Solution

Whether you are a regional chain or have stores in multiple countries, Merchant RMS provides the ability to handle all of your organizations’ various structures (divisions, banners, regions, etc.) within a single Microsoft SQL database. 















  • Centralized management of all store applications and data such as pricing, taxes, employees, etc.
  • Hundreds of standard reports with many filtering and consolidation options  (stackable for automatic running and emailing)
  • One version fully configurable to your unique requirements
  • All transactions (receiving, physical counts, and adjustments) can be done at either home office or at the remote store location
  • Fully synchronized inventory costing between remote stores, home office and the G/L
  • Security controlled journalizing process ensures accountability and provides full audit trail of all transactions
  • Multi language
  • Multi currency
  • Report generator
  • Sales audit and loss prevention reporting
  • Links to other backend systems (manufacturing, distribution etc)
  • Fully automated end of day database synchronization between home office and remote stores with virtually 100% reliability




Data Structure


No matter how complex your product’s data structure is Merchant RMS let’s you define it based upon your unique requirements.  Whether it is multi SKU matrix (up to 4 dimensions) or special customer pricing based upon the quantity purchased, Merchant RMS has the database sophistication your business requires.





  • Products are organized under a department/class/sub class structure but can also be analyzed by brand or category across this structure
  • Each department/class can have up to 4 unique product attributes
  • e.g.    Shoes: color, size, width     Loose Diamonds: carat, color, clarity, cut
  • Each product attribute can have unlimited number of groupings (runs); each of which can have an unlimited number of fields
  • e.g.    Size ‘Run 1’: XS, S, M, L.      Size ‘Run 2’: 7, 7 ½, 8, 8 ½…
  • Each product can have an unlimited number of suppliers, each of which can have their own product ordering numbers
  • Each product can have its own pricing based on the location it is being sold at
  • Each product can have date sensitive promotional pricing
  • Each product can come in multiple units of measure





When it comes to managing your inventory Merchant RMS provides you with the tools you need to maximize your turns and eliminate lost sales due to product outages.  Using your available inventory you will be able to maintain the optimum product mix at each store level.





  • Auto replenishment based on min/max levels
  • Distribute warehouse receipts based on pre-allocated store quantities
  • Append multiple batches to create a single shipment to your stores
  • Generate multiple transfer documents (one for each store) from an allocation


Physical Count

  • Input scanned count at either the home office or at the store
  • Cyclical count from printed worksheets at the store
  • Merge SKU’s or roll up multiple SKU’s of a style to a single SKU 



  • Receive by “Hanger Count” or in detail by scanner
  • Transfer to outlet locations with automated markdowns


v     PDT (portable data terminal) interface for price checks, receiving, transfers,   and physical counts




Whether you purchase only from local suppliers or you source your products from around the world, Merchant RMS provides the level of control that you need to manage your buyers and your buying.






  • Create a PO by item or by fashion matrix
  • Pre-allocate store quantities at the PO creation time
  • Use store quantity factors and size distribution curves to generate recommended allocation quantities
  • Create both warehouse and drop ship PO’s
  • View item purchase history at PO create time
  • Track all revisions made to a PO
  • Apply duty, freight, and taxes down to the item level if required
  • Print bar code tickets at PO create or at receiving from the home office or at the store level
  • Attach special instructions at the PO or product level
  • Print appropriate PO format (i.e. line item, matrix)
  • Auto generate PO from min/max
  • Auto generate PO based on sell through




Merchandise planning and ‘Open to Buy’ functions provide the ability to monitor your inventory levels and respond quickly should the levels deviate from your plan.


  • Product plans can be created at either retail, cost or units
  • Plans can be set at either department, class, or subclass level
  • Each product group can then be planned for each period of a particular season
  • Plans can be copied from previous seasons with +/- percentage adjustments
  • Detail sales plans by location can also be created at whatever level of detail is desired, either by period, week, or day


Open To Buy (OTB)  


  • All transactions (PO, receiving, physical counts, sales, etc.) feed automatically to the OTB system
  • The OTB position can be viewed at any level of detail required
  • Trend analysis shows your current position relative to your plan
  • Analytical reports provide detailed inventory status