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Implementing a POS system for the first time, or replacing an existing system can be a major undertaking.  Merchant Applications Inc. will provide a project manager for each project as part of our implementation fee.  The project manager will be responsible for all aspects of the project and ensure that each task is completed on time.  The project manager will keep a detail implementation plan and track any issues that might arise.  Project management services include:

  • Store level equipment configuration planning
  • Database structure design
  • Information flow and gathering procedures
  • Task management
  • Procurement of hardware, software, network, Web, etc.
  • Store-level implementation planning, including staging, training, and roll out

The customer must designate a single individual to act as a liaison between Merchant Applications Inc. and their company.  This individual will be responsible for ensuring that all tasks assigned to the customer are completed in a timely fashion.  In addition, this individual will be responsible for procuring any information requested by the project manager, and for resolving any issues and presenting a unified response to the project manager.  This individual must be identified at the time of signing of the sales agreement.  All project level interactions will be made through this one person only.

Many customers upgrading from an existing system will have information that they want to convert and upload into their new database.  Merchant Applications Inc. provides standard conversion utilities for product information, opening on hand quantities, and customer information (but not customer purchase details).  It will be the customer’s responsibility to export this information and upload it into a spreadsheet.  Typically, we have found that this information will require some massaging, as most systems do not track the level of detail available in Merchant RMS.  This massaging can be done in the spreadsheet before the information is imported.  In some cases, the customer may want to convert additional information.  In this case, which usually involves some custom programming, Merchant Applications Inc. will provide a quote for this additional service.  Once the data has been converted, it will be the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the converted data is valid.

Although Merchant Applications Inc. provides a wealth of reports and functionality, some customers will require custom reports, price tickets or additional functionality.

Should any such customization be required, Merchant Applications Inc. will work with the customer to produce detailed specifications.  Once these specifications are finalized, both the customer and Merchant Applications Inc. will sign off on them.  If any revisions are made after this sign off, it could result in additional costs.