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As each customer has different requirements, we will work with you to provide an implementation plan tailored to your needs.  Many factors, such as number of stores, whether you are upgrading from an existing system, and your own internal skill sets must be taken into account.  In addition, we provide many services, which can assist you in the successful installation of your new system.

Hardware Procurement

Whether your installation consists of all new hardware or of upgrading some components of your current hardware, Merchant Applications Inc. can provide you with a brand name, quality solution.  We will provide technical ownership for any hardware that you purchase from us.  This means that we will assist in troubleshooting and diagnosing any issues, to determine whether it is a hardware or software problem.  Any hardware repairs will be covered by the terms and conditions of the manufacturer’s warranty.


Whether you purchase the hardware from us, or provide it yourself, we can provide you with the services to configure and test this equipment.  Typically this service is provided on our premises and then the equipment is shipped to the stores, ready for installation.  This service can also be provided on site.  Staging services include:

  • Installation and configuration of the operating system
  • Configuration and testing of network components
  • Installation and configuration of Merchant RMS.
  • Configuration and testing of peripherals (printers, bar code readers, card swipes, etc.)


The installation can be a fairly painless process if we have done the equipment staging providing that issues such as counter space, power, telephone lines and network cabling have been provided for.  If we provide the installation services, then it provides an excellent opportunity to do any store level training at the same time.  Our installation personal are fully trained to provide POS training as part of the installation process.