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In no other business does such valuable merchandise come in such a small package.  So jewelry store owners are very concerned with tracking their merchandise whether it is in their stores or out for repairs. They need a system that not only can track the status of their special orders, work orders and layaways but one that also tracks exactly which case a product is in.  In addition, some jewelers may need to do case counts every day.

In order to properly present the qualities of a piece of jewelry to propective customers, your sales people need a lot of detail information about each product.  With Merchant RMS not only can you track standard information like karat, gram weight, total weight of gem stones, etc. but you can define an unlimited number of stones, each with its own detail information (ie the 4 C), for each product.  In addition, if you are doing your own manufacturing, an unlimited number of components and labor charges can also be defined.

Retail jewelers faces many challanges but Merchant RMS enables them to improve disparate business processes leading to greater profitability. Briefly, you can:

  • Maintain tight control over inventory merchandise assortment and expenditures associated to them.
  • Make strategic retail business decisions based on accurate sales trends and reports.
  • Track customer purchase history and target promotions based on analysiis of this data.
  • Easily manage loose stone inventories including automated inventory adjustments for stone swaps.
  • Process repairs and custom work orders and track the status of each. 


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