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Merchant Applications Inc. is currently looking to expand our VAR channel.  If you are a top Retail Management Solutions VAR and are looking to expand your current offering within the specialty retail channel then we should talk.

In todays competitive environment the products you offer have to be feature rich and solve the retailers many operational issues.  That is a given.  But if the products you offer are a poor fit or are a nightmare to support then you are in a lose lose situation. 

Unlike other products that began life designed for a single store setting and then were kludged to try and make them work in a multi store environment, Merchant RMS was designed from day one to be a multi store product.  True multi store solutions are an order of magnitude more complex than single store solutions and if not implemented properly from the very begining, can lead to issues like data corruption during the replication process.  With our more than 20 years of experiemce in developing distributed retail systems you can rest assured that you wil not spend your valuable resources in trying to correct issues resulting from an inappropriate design.

By offering Merchant RMS to your clients you are on the leading edge of technology with a world class product.  All components are Microsoft technology based (language, database, operating system, etc.).  There is no need to have to mix vendors such as an Oracle database with Microsoft .net code.  And there is no need to use third party sofware for functions such as polling as all of the software delivered has been developed by us and is fully integrated.  All of this leads to greatly reduced support costs for your organization.

On top of bringing you the best product in this retail space to resell, Merchant Applications offers excellant financiial incentives based on volume sales.  And best of all we offer you the abiltiy to work with a protected client list thus ensuring that if you develope a lead you will not have to compete against another Var selling the same product at a lower price.